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Buying a New Car – Getting started

If you’re interested in buying a new car in the United Kingdom then you should make yourself aware of the necessary knowledge regarding the dealings of different kinds in this particular region of the world. Whether you have been impressed by an advertisement for a new car or you’re just looking for a used car, there are certain car-buying processes involved which will help you make your experience the most cost effective one.

You can start off by confirming the worth of your current car as well. After having received the valuation for your old or current car, comes the decision of whether you want to opt for a used car or a new one. Every option has to be considered for this long term investment.

Buying a New Car with Extended Warranty

There is no denying the huge advantages on buying a new car and that too with an extended warranty. First off the buyer has the option of choosing the exact specifications of the car. An option of such is not available with the used cars. Secondly, the owner is awarded with complete benefits inclusive of the warranty package along with other sweetener deals which are being offered at the time.

The best part about a new purchase is that the new car quote is definitely worth every penny. There are no surprises waiting for you after a month or so. There is no unknown history which you might have to worry about. The newer cars tend to be loaded with the most advance of technologies in the automotive industry even in the case of small cars. There is no reason to underestimate their value especially in terms of the fuel efficiency. Anyone with a sound understanding of cars or engineering for that matter would realize the importance of fuel efficiency and the advances made in this particular matter.

The newer cars are generally safer. Not only are they less prone to accidents but they have the right kind of technology and material to defend against a variety of issues. Features like this include the stability control option which offers life saving aid in case of emergencies and this feature is an absolute invaluable one. Though there is the case of electrical faults in the modern cars but most of these can be cured easily nowadays the side of the road.

Types of New Cars

In order to determine the perfect car for your needs you must first get an overlook of all the good available options out there. Here are a few considerations for your upcoming purchase:


As it is obvious from the name, the cars are small in size but they have an immense appeal. These are known and loved for their properties of low buying and reduced running costs. The car has a simple and easy park and this particular group of cars includes the following:

  • Audi A1
  • Fiat 500
  • Ford Fiesta
  • Hyundai i10
  • VW Polo

Small family cars

The small family cars are the general and typical hatch backs for families. These cars have been specifically designed to cater the needs of families. They are known for the extra room and safe environment they create for the family. These are actually quite affordable and include the following kinds:

  • Audi A3
  • BMW 1 Series
  • Ford Focus
  • Hyundai i30
  • Volkswagen Golf

Family cars

The family cars have relatively more space compared to the small ones owing to their larger structures and framework in general. These tend to be higher on the practicality scale and are designed to cater to families. These are popular as company buys as well. Following cars are generally regarded as family cars:

  • Ford Mondeo
  • Mazda 6
  • Toyota Avensis
  • Vauxhall Insignia
  • Volkswagen Passat

Executive cars and Compact executives

These cars are regarded as must haves for all kinds of companies. They have the right kind of commercial and luxury look to represent the company and its status. Cars of such include:

  • Audi A4
  • BMW 3 Series
  • Mercedes C-Class
  • Audi A6
  • BMW 5 Series
  • Jaguar XF

Estate cars

Though the general idea of an estate car comes with a big boot as the basic standard but there are estate cars with running costs of quite a sensible range as well. The best of the range includes:

  • Ford Mondeo Estate
  • BMW 5 Series Touring
  • Skoda Octavia Estate

Luxury cars

These are amongst the very best of the lot. Whether you think in terms of driving or being driven you simply cannot go wrong with a luxury car. The cars truly define luxury and take care of all your possible demands. The sumptuous cruisers include the following:

  • Jaguar XJ
  • Mercedes S-Class
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom

MPVs are made for transportation and that too long distance. These are perfect for all your things and the family itself. The very best in this group will offer you seating which is highly flexible in terms of layout. The group includes the following cars:

  • Citroen C3 Picasso
  • Peugeot 5008
  • Seat Alhambra


The crossovers tend to come with looks which are on the muscular side. These are generally preferred by many owing to their high riding driving positions of 4×4. The very best of versions in this particular category are available in two-wheel-drive paired with relatively lower running costs. The group of cars includes:

  • Nissan Qashqai
  • Mazda CX-5
  • Audi Q3


These particular kinds of cars have the right capability to go just about anywhere. The rugged looks offer great attraction and the best versions have reasonable running costs as well. Some of the very best include:

  • BMW X3
  • Land Rover Discovery
  • Range Rover Evoque


These are essentially sports cars. They are known for their stylish appearances along with an amazing combination of fantastic performance and practicality. Who wouldn’t want a sports car which is for practical use? It includes the following:

  • Audi TT
  • Toyota GR86
  • VW Scirocco


These cars are perfect for your extreme weather conditions from the very sunny days to the winter blasts. Some of the very best drop tops include:

  • Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet
  • Porsche Boxster
  • Mazda MX-5

Performance cars

The performance cars have been designed to offer you the true thrill you look for in a car. These include the following:

  • Audi R8
  • McLaren MP4-12C
  • Porsche 911

When it comes to buying and owning a particular car one has to compare the running costs associated with the car and the buying costs. This includes the fiscal factors like:

  • purchase price
  • Servicing costs
  • Financial implications of emissions and fuel economy
  • Resale value

The reliability and quality of your new care highly significant elements of consideration in terms of ownership proposition as it covers the car’s standard. The materials used along with their whereabouts are taken into consideration along with customer satisfaction reviews.

The safety and security of your new are critical considerations as well which are acquired through crash test ratings and the safety provisions of both active and passive nature.  Another factor of consideration is the controls and their ease along with the general driving feel.

The space and practicality help you understand the bigger picture of your car from the point of view of a passenger. The equipment will help you understand what is included in your car along with its quality.

The price and specs are generally displayed by the manufacturers along with photo galleries displaying different angles of the cars available. Moreover there are countless buyers with reviews uploaded on whatcar.com as well which help guide buyers in selecting the perfect car for their needs.

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