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Do you actually need 4×4 off-road cars?

The very first question you should be asking yourself is whether or not there is any need for 4×4 cars in your life.  A four wheel drive is definitely not for everyone. Then there are those who only require electric 4×4 cars. In case of your needs being similar to those of towing caravans or surviving farm life then you should probably want a 4×4. These four wheel drives are primarily meant for crossing muddy fields or for regular travel on roads which are yet to be surfaced. However if you’re looking for a car simply for commuting to the office or for picking your kids up from school while residing in towns then even the small 4×4 diesel cars might not be the most cost effective choice for you.

You can consider a good 4×4 if you’re looking to drive around with absolute safety in winter season or if you’re in need of a little additional traction and towing power. An all out off roader can offer you that as well but you should opt for the 4×4 cars. Another great option in such a case is the 4×4 family car or just a larger sized car and examples of such include:

  • Audi A4 All road
  • Subaru Legacy Outback
  • Skoda Octavia Scout

These models are amongst the very best 4×4 family cars out there. The car manufacturers of brands as such have managed raising the ground clearance as well in order to offer additional underbody protection. This helps you in dealing with surfaces which are in rougher states and conditions of tougher nature.

Can you afford one?

4x4 offroad cars
4×4 offroad cars

Most of the offerings by top brands of 4×4 cars are actually quite pricey compared to a saloon or an estate car. Some of the main components for these cars are rather expensive compared to the regular cars such as:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Insurance
  • Servicing
  • Parts

If in any case you don’t choose wisely it might actually stress your running costs to become astronomical. In this case you can opt for the best used 4×4 cars. You require the right kind of dealer and reliable source if you can’t afford to purchase a brand new version. However if you consider the flip side, the loss of value in the future is relatively less for the 4×4 cars. This makes these cars the right kind of long term investment. For instance if you consider the saloon cars, these are particularly perfect if you’re going for a prestigious brand or a model which is quite sought after. Either way you still require doing the summing with care before you purchase.

If you’re actually looking for a high riding car that can go anywhere while you’re on a budget then you have the option of going for a supermini-based compact SUVs which have a four wheel drive and are available with scaled down costs. You can go with the following kinds:

  • Fiat Panda Cross
  • 4×4 version of Vauxhall Mokka

What type should you go for?

When it comes to the UK, then most of the 4×4 drives sold are generally diesel as far as the larger models are considered. The reason behind this is simply the fuel costs. The modern versions with diesels tend to be quite refined with the offering of reasonable torque or pulling power. This is why these serve well for towing purposes. The relative costs of petrol and diesel can be compared over the internet. Another trend is of the hybrid 4x4s which consist of electric motors along with the conventional engines. These basically have improved fuel consumptions compared to the diesels. Moreover the emissions are better as well keeping the kind of drive in consideration.

According to a famous car survey by the name “Which? Car Survey” the petrol engine Honda CR-V is regarded as the most reliable of 4×4 cars in the market. If you take the Lexus RX in to consideration which is available in petrol electric hybrid engine along with the Porsche offering hybrid version of Cayyene, the results of the survey make sense. Another high riding electric hybrid with diesel is the Peugeot’s 508 RXH.

Will the 4×4 break down?

The off roaders tend to be quite complex due to which their reliability records are far worse compared to the saloons and hatchbacks. For instance if you consider the second worst car brand in terms of performance according to the aforementioned survey which was Land Rover. The Discovery 3 model of 2004-2009 was rated as the least reliable model overall. You should consider a brand which offer you relatively more generosity in terms of warranty compared to the industrial standard of three years and sixty thousand miles. Kia’s is regarded the best in this particular matter due to the seven years of warranty or hundred thousand miles. On the other hand, Hyundai provides you a five year warranty with amazing unlimited mileage warranty and Toyotas are available with about five years and hundred thousand miles of coverage.

Are all 4x4s practical?

The general perception is that all 4x4s are practical which is not the case in reality as there are quite a few versions which can’t really work well practically. If you take in to consideration large four-wheel drive kits under the car’s floor; there is comprise on the overall interior space. The boot space is reported to be quite limited as well. Moreover the load floor is quite high off the ground as well which results in lifting of luggage up a longer way. However there are some 4x4s which are quite genuine substitutes for people carrier off roaders which are available with seven seats inclusive of the following models:

  • Audi Q7
  • BMW X5
  • Hyundai Santa Fe
  • Kia Sorento
  • Mercedes-Benz GL

Another option is the stylish Range Rover Evoque which offers a great driver but it is not particularly practical.

Luxury and style

Ultra basic off roaders are no longer the show stoppers rather the modern 4x4s are considered as the more conventional sort of family cars. These are also preferred for their luxuriousness in terms of comfort and drive. This category can easily be topped by the Range Rover Evoque as it is quite stylish and has a sporty outlook for the road. The choice of your car options actually plays an influential role as well from the parking sensors to the suspension etc. The important options include roof rails and self leveling suspension but options such as the body styling kits and alloy wheels are more of a waste of money.

Off-road stars

If you’re looking for some proper off-roading then you should opt to purchase a proper model of 4×4. This means you need a low range transfer box which offers the car the ability to craw over terrains which are tricky at rather slow speeds. Tyres which are all-terrain types are significant as well but the regular road kinds are generally useless in terms of the rough drives. The major off-road stars include:

  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Land Rover Discovery 4
  • Toyota Land Cruiser

Best off-roaders on the road

When it comes to everyday transport then the crossovers are generally preferred over the more traditional 4x4s. The issue with getting a 4×4 vehicle is that the car manufacturers are constantly improving upon the previous models and introducing updated models or joining the market for the first time. Quite mainstream brands such as Volkswagen and Fiat are in on this particular act as well. Some of their models become a hit straight away while others are limited for urban usage but are regarded as non-starters when it comes to country sports.

It is considered imperative that you keep in mind the use of your vehicle. If you’re looking to purchase a permanent 4×4 then your choice should be quite different from a two wheeled drive with the option of four wheel drive. The kind of fuel consumptions should be kept under consideration as well.

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